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We all need help from time to time. No matter what line of business, sport, hobby or any pursuit you may be into there will always be people that already have the experience that you lack when getting into it. A big part of learning is recognizing this and having the ability to learn from those people. Nothing really beats experience when it comes to quite a few aspects of life and this applies to ways to find a sugar daddy, too. Let us take a look at this great subject today from an experienced point of view. Maybe we can share a tip or two that will help newcomers on their way to find a great sugar daddy in London, or anywhere else you may be based on at the moment.

Getting started

As it happens with most pursuits, the first steps are often the hardest. Today you can find a lot of support and great information online, that was not the case only a few years ago. It will still be harder than you first thought, probably. You need to brace yourself for the fact that even though you may have the best to offer, there are a lot of offers. You will not suit the tastes of everyone either, so that is also important to remember. All of those odds are stacked against you. You need to remember that it is nothing personal or a shortcoming particular to you. It is just the way it is.

Some people get lucky, but most will have to struggle to find their first Sugar Daddy. As you get more experience you will find better places to meet them and you will have more and better tools to fight the odds. This has been a common theme in almost every experience Sugar Baby that we consulted. You should remember it so that you do not get discouraged too early. There is always a way to improve your chances, and time of exposure alone will help you. Just hang in there and you will be enjoying this new lifestyle in no time.

Where to find Daddies

The experience here is the most varied of all the questions we asked. Some of the older girls did not even have access to the internet when they started. Some of them did, but its usage was not as spread as it is today. Only the younger Sugar Babies out there have experience in using the internet to catch the eye of possible Sugar Daddies. That means that this aspect of it is still quite unmapped. You will find great alternatives to the traditional methods online today, but you need to do your research. Some sites are great, and others are not so great. They vary in the quality of service, the kind of safety they can offer you, and their prices, among other things. Just take it slow in this regard and try to find the most reputable sites that you can find. In time you will come to learn which ones work best and that will help you a lot. Some of them are specific to the city of London, while others are not. Keep that in mind if you are only interested in a local sugar daddy.

The traditional methods still apply though. You will have to get to know your neighborhood, though. There are spots where daddies tend to be found more often. In time you will learn to spot them quickly, and you will also learn how to send the right signals to be spotted by them. That last part is probably more important, according to some of the information we managed to gather.

Take things slow

Do not play hard to get, but do not rush, either. This kind of relationship should be very straightforward most of the time. You will learn to know when a daddy wants to go straight down to business or when he wants to keep a veneer of social correctness. No matter which case you find yourself in you should be mindful of your pace here. Do not be too pushy or you will scare them away. If you play too hard to get you will achieve the same result. There is a balance to be found between these, and the most successful Sugar Babies are masters at this art.

Make sure that both parties get what they want

This is supposed to be an exchange where both are consensual partners. To get what you want you will have to state it. Also, be careful to listen to what a daddy wants, and if he is not clear you should feel free to ask. If communication is good and things are clear from the beginning you are sure to keep him happy, which in turn, will keep you happy. Our most experienced consultants all agree that being able to keep your daddy happy is the most important skill you will ever need. That will keep the good times rolling, you may even get a recommendation out of your time with them.

Plan ahead

This last bit of advice comes from all our experienced consultants. It is not quite about how to land a sugar daddy, but more on the subject of how you want things to go. If you are just doing this for fun you can simply enjoy it, but you could also be securing a part of your future here. If you play your cards right you may not need to worry about money. That is for a long time after your activities are done in this field.


It is always a good idea to heed the advice of those that came before us. These few things should help you plan your path and find your way into this fascinating world. Good luck!

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